Konzept : Shiori Tada/Junichi Akagawa
Choreographie/Tanz : Shiori Tada
Audio/Visual : Junichi Akagawa



~truth and fake
lines and curves
on and off
individualism and anonymity
pattern and originality
There are no certain things. The world is full of illusions.They gradually change their forms, and that is how it is.
The thing is, I just so fed up with that.~

Junichi Akagawa

Born in 1985 in Japan and living in Berlin since 2010.

In 2008 he started a solo-career in electronic music and visual arts.
Since then he has been involved in the planning and implementation of numerous events in Tokyo and Berlin.

He also composed pieces for other artists and for compilations, collaborating with contemporary dancer, as well as creating music videos.
In 2012 he released 2 EPs on the japanese net-label “Hz-records”, and on one of his EP he collaborated with Yaporigami.

With the sound and real-time generated images, he combines acoustic and visual elements in an effort to engage all the senses, not simply sight & hearing.

On the laptop Akagawa mainly produces rhythmic electronic music,and his dynamic but sensitive works resound in the hearts of the audience.